Full Mouth Reconstruction Palmdale

Full Mouth Reconstruction

A full mouth construction includes the rebuilding or the replacement of all of a patient’s teeth. Patients who have lost their teeth due to injury, disease or decay or damaged them beyond repair can qualify for a full mouth reconstruction.

A full mouth restoration can improve chewing abilities and even improve speech. With a mixture of restorative dentistry and esthetics, your dentist at First Class Dental can restore the beauty of your smile.

Depending upon individual cases, your dentist will need to perform a combination of the following procedures in order to fully restore your damaged or missing teeth. Restorative dental treatments: These include treatments which help restore damaged teeth such as inlay and onlays, bridges and dental crowns.

Implant dentistry: Sometimes missing teeth need to be replaced by false ones, in which case your dentist will put in implants.

Orthodontics: Treatments such as metal braces or Invisalign, spacers and expanders may need to be done to improve function and the appearance of your teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry: Your dentist may perform certain procedures to improve the look of your teeth including veneer, dental bonding and teeth whitening.

Bruxism treatment: Grinding your teeth can damage the enamel and cause problems, Your dentist may advise therapy to resolve the problem.

Oral surgery: In certain cases, your dentist may refer surgery for tissue grafting, extractions and other treatments.

Periodontal treatments: Patients may also require scaling and planing to improve the function of teeth.

TMD treatment: In case you suffer from problems in the temporomandibular joints, your dentist may refer you certain therapies.

Since a full mouth restoration can require invasive procedures and even surgeries, patients should be in good general health to qualify. Local or general anesthesia may be required to be administered.

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